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Worldwide Shipping

You can choose between the most common services from DHL, GLS and DPD.
Shipment is free of charge unless you choose an Express Option (f.e. DHL EXPRESS).

Usually orders are delivered within 2-4 days after the order is placed in our Shop.
All orders before 1PM will be send the same day. Delivery time takes between 1-2 days (Denmark, Germany, Austria), 2-4 days (rest of Europea, including Finland), 3-5 days Switzerland. We will always inform you about the order and status of the order via E-Mail.

For our Danish Customers: Via GLS you can also choose the Pakkeshop of your choice and we will send your Jumpin order there.

Your account at

In case you created a user-account at (not necessary for ordering) you can login to your account and check your orders and past orders including delivery details.
You will find the login right on the top of the menu or right at the end "My account".