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About Jumpin

About Jumpin

Things have never been clearer! You know what you like and what you don’t, and your expectations are sky high. You always stay focused, and never settle for mediocrity. Without your gear and proper clothes you wouldn’t be able to achieve your goals.

Jumpin has delivered world leading quality jumpsuits since 2009. Since they have always represented quality to an affordable price, they are now in a position where they are able to expand and develop the collection within the same business concept; to always be on top and to deliver high quality products. Sign up to our newsletters to stay tuned.

With quality and comfort in mind, Jumpin products are made from the best available fabrics and materials. This makes it one of the most durable, softest and comfiest jumpsuits on the market. We know that the soft feel matters, so it is designed to caress your body, and making it a dream to wear. 

Whether you are sitting by the fireplace at your best friends’ cabin playing cards, at your boss’s after party, or even going out to the grocery shop on Sunday morning - Jumpin is designed to take part in it all. 

So undress and jump in. That’s how you wear it. The jumpsuits come in a large range of colors, sizes and models. You’ll find them all at our specially selected retail stores, concept stores or on our online shop.

Have you visited one of our shops yet? Skate your way down to our concept stores in Helsinki or Copenhagen, or check out  our products at many of our retails shops across Europe. 

When in doubt - Jumpin!